I started in my early school year (2010) with the dream of becoming a fashion designer. While doing fashion design studies for 3 years (Fashion as practical and design theory) at the Tygerberg art school I fell in love with the design aspect itself after visiting the Design Indaba in 2012. At this time I knew exactly what I wanted to do seeing how the design actually impacts people & businesses’ everyday life. I want to help people and businesses be better “them”. Showcase how they are different to the eyes/clients out there as the potential is so great to flourish.


In 2014 while I was studying this amazing creativity, I started freelancing. At first, it was a hard battle and starting very small with 1 client every blue moon. As time grew, I grew in my skills as expanding my client base and changing my image. In today’s world there are still battles to fight but nothing impossible.


Today I am proud of the image/portfolio that I have created for myself. I am passionate about design, I have a knack for producing beautiful, simple, and effective solutions.


I am committed to design excellence and I am passionate about the work that I do.


I pride myself on my exceptional attention to detail and the unique creative process which I bring to each project.


I design everything from stationary, websites, video editing, ux designs and many more. I particularly love ux and video editing designs which I have recently mastered.


My portfolio boasts over completed projects since 2014 as a freelancer (6 years’ experience) and a permanent worker. While everyone goes right, I go left.


I hope to inspire other designers to always think big, never give up and always keep on learning and expanding on your skill set.